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The city's nickname, the City of Splendors, is never said sarcastically. People know that Waterdeep is a marvel and that life is better, or at least more bizarre, there. If Waterdeephavians have one notable fault, it's a tendency to think that there
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22 757
Enter Night City, a sprawl ruled by megacorporations and crime. Enhance your body with cybernetics and make a name for yourself on the streets.
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31 712
Join the Office of Strategic Services for special operations in Axis controlled territory.
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12 594
A motley crew of adventurers make a living at the Adventures in Survival. Last scene making trouble near Neverwinter, the crew have set their aims on bigger prizes. Luxury mansions, Warships, and fancy magical items all require maintenance costs.
17 1,077
Behind the world of man lies an unseen world only dreamed of by mortals. In this dark reflection wonders both dark and beautiful dance in a myriad collection only seen in the dreams of man. From this Dark Mirror steps several strangers ...desperate to escape their torments. Torments that will drive them to become either our saviors ...or ...our destroyers.
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A menace has come to earth, to Freedom City, that is way out of the Freedom League's . . . league. Never fear! The OverWatch is here!
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A diverse group of gods gather to shape the fate of a new world. Watch as creation unfolds based on the whims of a select group of deities.
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15 912
Trapped in a domed city due to fear, humanity begins to reawaken their primal desires. Will they continue their Utopian existence or will the very half-sphere they reside come tumbling down?
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In the near future, transforming superheroes battle mysterious, creepy aliens and an insidious cult that worships them.
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Xavier has opened a second school for gifted yougnsters, this one in a more remote section of the world for those whose powers are particularly dangerous.
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Jeez...Gen Con 2008 just passed and we are already making plans for the 2009 Indy Gen Con! We have a lot going on for next year! Find any information about who's DMing, going, hotels, etc in here for Gen Con 2009! And we hope to see you there!
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